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Simple, Easy, and Quiet!

Available in a standard 16.25″ overall barrel/silencer length, or as an SBR. The SBR version is a two tax stamp firearm.  This integral features a one piece billet core that is machined from 17-4ph stainless steel and are user serviceable. Each integral comes with a tool, however, you can also use any standard 3/8 drive wrench. No need to buy subsonic ammo to be stealth quiet, our unique design gives you subsonic velocities with standard and high velocity ammunition. Firearm model ,color, and furniture may vary. Specify with your dealer before ordering. Please be aware that the tube and handguard on the 16.25″ standard length 15-22 integral is permanently pinned and not removable. Click the tabs below for more information,including pricing, customer reviews and how to order.


How To Order

To order, contact your local Innovative Arms dealer or give us a call at 803-408-9955.

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More Information and Pricing

Model: IASW
Caliber: .22lr
Material: Aluminum Body/ Stainless Steel Core
Standard Length: Total Barrel/Suppressor Length 16.25″. 

MSRP: $1177- $1,377

SBR Length: Barrel 4.5″, Suppressor Length 8″ *SBR is a two stamp firearm and the complete silencer, including the tube is removable on the SBR version. 

Total price for the complete integral firearm package varies by firearm model. *Please be aware that the tube and handguard on the 16.25″ standard length 15-22 integral is permanently pinned and not removable. 

Customer Reviews

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M&P 15-22 Integral
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Bill L.
Occupation: Construction/Facilities, Bill L. is also an: Avid Shooter
Location: Wisconsin

Picked it up today from Precision Sports in Oshkosh, WI. Quality is perfect. Sound is amazing. Using bulk ammo makes it better than my old 15-22 with a Sparrow. Still love the sparrow but bulk ammo as quiet or quieter than my sparrow with suppressor ammo is fantastic. Innovative Arms received my new 15-22 and had the integral done before I thought possible. Everyone needs this integrally suppressed 15-22. This gun is awesome. Sell a kidney if you need but buy at least one of these.

 by James
Occupation: Tool & Die
Location: Ohio

Just brought it home today after 9 months of wait on the ATF for my tax stamp and all I can say is...WOW! It's about as loud as a snail fart! It was worth the wait. 

 by TG
Occupation: Insurance
Location: GA , TG is also an: Avid Shooter

I watched the youtube video and had to have one. I have the IASW .22lr integral suppressor by way of the M&P 15/22. Just as in the video, running regular off the shelf bulk ammo this thing is super quiet and tons of fun. It was a breeze to take down for cleaning as well. Love it!

 by RGH
Occupation: Arts/Entertainment/Publishing, RGH is also: an avid shooter
Location: Michigan

I have wanted one of these since I first learned about them a few years ago and thanks to Silencershop, I finally have one and am delighted with it, my third suppressor. Since its arrival I have shot nothing else. With my other suppressors on bolt guns I use subsonic ammo and love the ultimate quiet, but I have to say its great to burn low cost HV bulk .22 like Winchester Wildcat and CCI Blazer subsonically. BTW, subsonic and premium match SV will not consistently cycle this ported barrel rifle.

 by Tony R
Location: FL

Literally the only sound you hear is the action cycling and the sound of the bullet impacting down range.

 by Jake Ross
Location: TN

Hands down my favorite gun to shoot. It's so quiet the whole family shoots this thing, from my 8 yo daughter to my granddad.

 by BWatkins
Location: NC

This suppressor is very quiet and flat out fun to shoot! Very happy with my purchase.

 by Ed Hamilton
Stupid Quiet
Occupation: Sales, Ed Hamilton is also an: Avid Hunter
Location: Northwest

I get the most fun out of this integral over all my other firearms.  I appreciate that I can use high velocity ammo and save some money.  People can't believe how stupid quiet it is.

Occupation: Dealer
Location: Shreveport,LA

As both a dealer and end user for/of Innovative Arms, I’m incredibly impressed from both sides. The IASW is BY FAR, the most impressive integral and easiest to sell suppressor I’ve sold. I’ve only had one customer that demo’d it that didn’t end up buying one. It’s like going to look at puppies, they just sell themselves. I’ve enjoyed working with both Philip and Jenny and they have always taken care of me as a dealer. I even caught Philip in a week moment and worked a one off HK MP5SD .22 out of him somehow. That one is AWESOME! Keep up the good products and keep up the GREAT customer/dealer service. Thanks Innovative Arms.

Occupation: Dealer
Location: Carthage, TX

This is one of the best on the market, I have one of the competitors and this one blows it away. I love the ported barrel. It allows me to shoot any ammo out of it. WAY TO GO! PEW PEW PEW