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The SHEPHERD .45cal accommodates both pistol and carbine and is rated for full auto fire. The baffles remove for full cleaning and are type 3 hard coat anodized to give even more durability. Additional pistons are available to cover most 9mm, 300blk subsonic and .40 cal firearms. The SHEPHERD includes a booster piston, fixed barrel spacer and tool for disassembly. The SHEPHERD is also available in .40 cal specific. Click the tabs below for more information, including pricing, customer reviews and how to order.

*A fixed barrel spacer is for use on firearms with fixed, non-moving barrels. Pistons are available in 1/2 x 28, M13.5 x 1LH, 1/2 x 36, 5/8 x 24, .578 x 28, M16 x 1LH, 9/16 x 24

* SHEPHERD silencers manufactured before 2015 do not disassemble and are not user serviceable. If you have a SHEPHERD that was produced prior to 2015 you may be sent back to our facility to be upgraded for user serviceability. Please contact us for pricing and more information on this service.

How To Order

To order, contact your local Innovative Arms dealer or give us a call at 803-408-9955.

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More Information and Pricing



Caliber: .45cal
Weight: 10.5oz
Length: 8″
O.D: 1.5″
Material: Aluminum / Stainless Steel
Finish: Type 3 Hard Coat Anodized/ Laser Engraved
TPI: .578 x 28  or M16 x 1LH
DB Reduction: 32-36 Dry

MSRP: $625


As with all our silencers, the SHEPHERD can be fired “wet” or “dry”.  


Customer Reviews

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Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Gunny M.
Occupation: Law Enforcement/ Military/Government/ We help people.
Location: USA (w/ Worldwide Service)

My "work group" uses Innovative Arms’ suppressors for our "assignments". The Shepherd suppressor not only does a phenomenal job reducing the sound of 230gr .45acp & 147gr 9mm ammo, but it helps to mitigate muzzle rise/recoil on our H&K HK45's & USP's and Walther PPQ 45's. This can is dependable, user-serviceable, and performs flawlessly. We have experienced zero (0) issues with the Shepherd suppressors, and the Staff at Innovative Arms are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. BRAVO ZULU

 by Jason K.
Location: LA

This is my first pistol can and I couldn't be happier. I'm using it on .45 .300blk and 9mm. Liking the versatility and sound reduction.

Occupation: Firearms/ Defense, Lou's Gun Shop is also a: Licensed Firearm Manufacturer
Location: USA Ohio

The ONLY Suppressors I sell..Performance, Fit, Price, BEST in the industry.  - Lou's Gun Shop 


 by Mike Haigler
Occupation: Customer Service, Mike Haigler is also an: Avid Shooter
Location: U.S. S.C. Lexington

Awesome suppressor and awesome company! Great customer service too!

 by CTM
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Location: Columbia, SC, CTM is also an: Avid Hunter/ Huntress , Avid Shooter

The Shepherd .45 suppressor is not only of great value, but it far surpasses many of the other "big name" suppressors my friends have. It's a perfect balance to my .45 HK and I don't hit the range or dispatch a wild boar without it.

 by Zac
Location: GA

Easy on the ears and easy on the wallet. I've had mine for two years and use it on 9, 45 and 300 subsonic. Make sure you clean it well when you're done shooting and you'll be good to go.

 by Jim
Occupation: Firearms/ Defence, Jim is also an: Avid Shooter

I've had the Shepherd since 2015 and have put many rounds through it with no problems. Mine is used on a FNX 45 Tactical and is not only very quiet, but also reduces recoil and does not compromise accuracy. It stays attached to my pistol always because shooting without it is just not an option just makes shooting that much better!

 by Alan Stover
Location: USA

I am very happy with my Shepherd and have no hesitation on recommend it. I have about every piston they make for it, and use this one suppressor on 9mm, 40, 45 and .300 blk. Something they don’t mention, which is a feature I like about the Shepherd is that the suppressor can be adjusted for point of impact on pistol by pulling the suppressor forward and turning it right about 90 degrees until you have it where you want it.  It’s a quiet, versatile suppressor that has a lifetime warranty and is at good price.